Very disappointed with glaring Campbell River pump track error

RE: Campbell River’s new pump track gets rave reviews August 10, 2019

Thank you so much to the Campbell River Bike Park Society, all of the bike park sponsors and supporters, and the City of Campbell River for bringing this dream to reality.

It’s very exciting! My young rider is getting a lot of use and fun out of the new pump track.

We noticed a couple of things about the bike pump track in August, before it actually opened and now, since it recently opened to the public. First, it appears that the track was not built to the intended design. The information sign posted at the track clearly identifies that there is to be green space inside the track, not more pavement. This is how the Nanaimo pump track was designed.

I spoke with the parks manager who refused to acknowledge this obvious error in the track construction. Members of the Bike Park Society I spoke with are very disappointed with this glaring error. It creates problems for rider safety and changes the use of the pump track. A call to the City Manager Drew Hadfield, Director of Operations, has not been returned. City Management is failing cyclists in Campbell River, and it is pretty sad.

While my son and I are at the track, there are several people using scooters and skateboards on the track daily. This is NOT it’s intended purpose, and the park signage does state clearly that the track is for bikes only. The skate park is right there to use. Unfortunately, it is often adults who are slow to figure this out.

I would ask that the City of Campbell River consult more with the Bike Park Society and reach out to all cyclists in Campbell River to address these concerns, as well as concerns with street riders, such as those who use the Island Highway and also had to complain publicly for the city to take people seriously.

I also encourage all riders to use the pump track with bikes and helmets. To not do this is disrespectful to yourselves, the bike park, and all those who are working to make it a fun place we can really be proud of.

Thank you, and see you at the track.

Ben Olsson

Campbell River

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