The pump track?

I started writing this week’s blabberings last week. I was getting fed up with driving or riding past the pump track only to look through a fence at a closed pump track. I often thought to myself, “What the Hell is taking so long?”

The track has been competed and rideable since early April. But still closed to the public for the last four months.

I decided to look into it and called the city. After a day or so trying to find who had info, I spoke to a lovely woman who had all the answers. But the only thing I heard was, “The fence will be moved Saturday and the track will be open to the public.”

So Sunday evening after a long day of riding, and being completely exhausted, I headed for the track to do one or two laps.

I rode for quite a while and had trouble pulling myself away. I rode it clockwise, I rode it counter clockwise, I looked for jumps, I tried to manual over the rollers, and I got some good speed going a few times.

When finally, I didn’t think my legs would hold me up any longer, I went back home.

In less than an hour of riding, I had forgotten how long the pump track had taken to get organized, planned, financed, designed, built … and then actually opened once that was all done. I just don’t care anymore.

I guess its a good thing to enjoy the present, opposed to bitching about the past. I sat on my deck with my legs, hips, and arms aching, thinking about how much my kids are going to benefit from a local pump track.

Thanks to everyone involved, for your years of effort, and your persistence.

Campbell River HAS a pump track, so grab your BMX, your dirt jumper, or what ever bike you have, and go try it out. You might be surprised how much fun you have.

I’m James Durand and I’m Going’ Ridin’…