RCMP calls decrease in Campbell River

Total for year up compared to 2019

As people settle into the COVID-19 routine, RCMP calls for service have started to drop off in Campbell River, according to their May 27 community update.

The number of calls is still up over the same time in 2019, however.

“This is a very modest increase of 54 files when compared to the same time period in 2019,” said Cst. Maury Tyre in a press release. “In the first month and a half of COVID-19 distancing, calls were increasing substantially compared to 2019, but in the last three weeks calls for service have dropped below 2019 numbers.”

The RCMP are reminding people to be vigilant in helping prevent crime. One target for theft that is particularly notable is bicycles.

“Especially now as the whether moves toward summer, members of the community are out on their bikes more and more,” Tyre wrote. “With that comes the increased chance of theft of bicycles. It’s important to ensure that bikes are locked up or put away after a hard days ride. In addition, unattended bikes in the back of vehicles are another easy target.”

If bikes are locked up outside, ensure the lock passes through the frame and wheels. Any part of the bike that can be removed by quick release is an easy target. Bicycles should be locked to sturdy and immovable objects and a quality u-lock is much more difficult to cut than a cable lock. If your bike does get stolen, the police will need some information to help identify the bike. This includes the brand, frame size, tire size, brake type (disc or rim), the amount of speeds and the serial number. The serial number can usually be found underneath the bike on the bottom bracket shell (the frame between the crank arms).

“Our officers are constantly checking individuals on bikes,” said Tyre. “In some cases these bikes have been heavily repainted to hide a lot of the information, but the one thing that is difficult to hide is the serial number. If we check a cyclist and find a match in our system then we can get the bike back to it’s rightful owner.”

The RCMP recommends taking a photo of your bike, and of the serial number. Apps like 529 Garage offer free registration of bike information.

RCMP have also seen an increase in the number of impaired drivers on the road. On May 23 in particular Campbell River officers removed three drivers from the road in a period of two and a half hours.

“Maybe it’s the quarantine, maybe it’s the return of patio weather, anything you wish to blame, an increase in the amount of impaired drivers on the road is never a good thing,” said Tyre. “Impaired driving has such far reaching effects for so many. So often it is the impaired driver that survives a crash killing strangers or loved ones, not only does it have a terrible effect on the families of the deceased, it destroys the life of the impaired driver as well, they have to spend the rest of their life knowing what they’ve done.”

“The removal of three impaired drivers in a very short time is definitely a success and the officers that night deserve a great deal of credit, but it also shows there is still more work needed in prevention and the need for more enforcement,” he added.

If you wish to report a crime to the Campbell River RCMP please call 250-286-6221 or 911 in an emergency.

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