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North Island-Powell River MP moves to help seniors at tax time

Motion made in honour of National Seniors Day
Rachel Blaney speaks in the House of Commons on Oct. 3. Photo courtesy Youtube

In honour of National Seniors Day on Oct. 1, North Island - Powell River MP Rachel Blaney made steps towards helping seniors at tax time.

She introduced motion M-70, which would require the government to estimate the income of seniors who are unable to file their taxes by the deadline.

“This can happen because the senior is ill, or needs help filling out income tax forms,” said a petition Blaney has underway to support her motion. “They should not be punished for needing more time.”

The motion also would make it easier for pensioners to file their taxes through more information and resources.

“Our most vulnerable Canadian seniors rely on a secure income to ensure they afford the drastically increased cost of living,” Blaney said. “Too many are prevented from obtaining essential assistance that they are entitled to because of daunting paperwork requirements, illness, or other factors beyond their control. Seniors across Canada–including in my riding–are concerned about losing their GIS because they filed their taxes late, often through no fault of their own.”

Blaney has also secured $742.4 million for 183,420 Canadian seniors who were affected by the GIS claw back in 2021.

“I will never stop fighting for Canada’s vulnerable seniors, who are making heart-breaking decisions every day whether they can afford to eat, or take their medications,” said Blaney.

She has also introduced Motion M-72, requesting a national seniors strategy to ensure the government meets seniors needs as they age.

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