Village of Sayward

Mayoral candidates announced for Sayward ahead of Nov. 21 local byelections

The three positions that will be filled includes a mayor and two councillors

Sayward will get a new mayor after two candidates were shortlisted for the local byelections to be held on Nov. 21.

Eileen Lovestrom, chief election officer of Sayward, declared the candidates for the 2020 general local byelection.

Former councillor and acting mayor Joyce Ellis – who resigned from council in March – is one of the applicants. The second candidate is Mark Baker. The candidates will be elected for the balance of the term ending in Oct. 2022.

The election is also being held for voters to elect two councillors following multiple resignations of Sayward council members. Elected mayor John MacDonald resigned on March 13. This was followed by Ellis’ resignation as acting mayor after a week.

The latest resignation was Coun. Bill Ives’ in September with an effective date of Nov.2o. After Ellis, Ives briefly filled in for acting mayor until he was replaced by Coun. Norm Kirschner in June.

The candidates for the position of councillors are Michael Marsh, Sue Poulsen and Tom Tinsley.

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