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Drug Poisoning Alert in place for Campbell River

Increase in overdoses prompt advisory
Campbell River is under a drug poisoning alert. Photo courtesy St. John Ambulance

An overdose advisory alert has been issued for Campbell River.

Island Health has noted an increase in overdoses in the area, prompting them to issue the alert.

“Friends, family and community members using opioids and stimulants face increased risk from injection and inhalation,” the advisory says.

If someone overdoses, call 911 and stay with the person. Give Naloxone, and give one breath every five seconds.

To reduce harm, drug users are asked to:

Have a buddy or use overdose prevention service or supervised consumption site. Make sure someone can call for help.

Start low, go slow. Drugs may be stronger than they realize.

Have a naloxone kit with you and make sure everyone knows where it is and how to use it.

To help prevent harm remind themselves they can always do more, but they can never do less. Try a smaller amount to be safe.

Avoid using alcohol before opioids.

Use less when having health issues or they haven’t used for a while.

Mix up their product well, there may be higher concentrations in different areas of the packet.

Know that fentanyl can be found in many street drugs, include cocaine and crystal meth.

Test substances at your local Overdose Prevention Services or Supervised Consumption Site.

The overdose prevention service (OPS) in Campbell River is located at 1330 Dogwood Street, unit 5. It is open daily from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. Drug checking is also available at the OPS.

A list of services available in Campbell River is posted at To sign up for text alerts about overdose advisories, text “join” to 253787. Download Connect by Lifeguard: or call the National OD Response Service: 1-888-688-6677.

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