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Afternoon Sinkhole opens up in Campbell River neighbourhood

Six-foot sinkhole opens up after salt truck drives on top of road at Passage View Dr.

A six foot sinkhole has opened up around 1671 Passage View Dr. in Campbell River, with city crews blocking off the hole as drivers return home from work.

Resident Richard Franklin had been on a walk with his wife earlier this afternoon, when he first noticed the crevice in the ground.

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“It looked to be about five inches deep,” said Franklin. “Just a depression. It didn’t look very big.”

A salt truck spreading sand then drove down the street, Franklin said, which caused the hole to become much deeper.

“That’s how it started,” Franklin says.

Sinkholes are cavernous holes that occur when the surface layer of the ground collapses. The appearance of new cracks in a roadway’s surface is usually a tell-tale sign.

Edward Hitchins

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