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VIDEO: Cereal boxes topple like dominoes; then get donated to food bank

After a traditional countdown, a cereal box was tipped over at the Campbell River Christian School and set off a line of cereal boxes toppling like dominoes.

The boxes of cereal were collected by the students and were given to the Campbell River Food Bank afterwards. The students gathered in front of the school on Friday, April 23 to set off the line of boxes which ran along the front of the Dogwood Street school around the corner of the building and down a hill running along the side of the school.

With much excitement the cereal box domino line toppled in turn without any mishap. The school’s leadership class organized the event and the idea came from one of the teachers who had seen a school in another community organize a cereal box drive and a domino line. The leadership class thought that would be fun to do as well.

“And so we thought that was a really cool idea,” said Lokwing Wong, “because in this time of COVID when a lot of people are struggling financially, food is as important as ever, if not more and so we wanted to do that and we wanted the whole school to be involved and to be hyped about this and so we followed it up with the domino event.”

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They got the word out through posters and over the school P.A., encouraging everybody to get involved.

“I believe we collected close to 200 cereal boxes which we will be donating to the local food bank,” said Lin Bevington, another leadership student.

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