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How did the ducks cross the road? With help from a couple of people

14 ducks helped across Dogwood Street on Friday afternoon

A group of Campbell Riverites did their good deed for the day on Friday, helping a family of ducks across one of the busiest streets in town.

Catherine Greer and her friend were out walking on Friday afternoon on Dogwood Street when they came across two other people protecting a mother duck and 13 babies. The pair helped stop traffic and herd the duck family across Dogwood safely.

“We came across two ladies standing there…We realized that they had a duck and some babies,” Greer said. “They were on the phone trying to find someone who could help rescue them. They tried to get them across, but they would start and the ducks would go back on to the sidewalk. That’s a busy street there.”

“We came along and offered to help stop the traffic. Between the four of us we stopped traffic both ways and herded them across,” she added. “It took her a few minutes before she decided to go, then when she did, one little baby took forever. We didn’t want to touch them, but he finally jumped up.”

The ducks were trying to cross the street just south of the Beaverlodge Forest Lands.

Apparently, it wasn’t the ducks’ first time across the road. Greer said one of the trucks that stopped had seen the family crossing the road earlier in the day.

“I don’t know where they were going, because that’s all fence along Dogwood. It’s not far from one of the passageways through to Timberline though,” she said. “I just thought it was so cute… those little babies.”

All 14 ducks managed to make it across the road safely and continued on their way, thanks to a little inter-species cooperation.

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