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‘A taste of Quadra Island’ cookbook embraces the cuisine and the lifestyle of Quadra

Book sold 2,000 copies in first seven months of release

If your stomach is growling and you’re eagerly in search of a tasty treat, a museum may be the last place you think of visiting.

However, on Saturday, it happened to be the first place, as onlookers gathered for the launch of the second printing of the new cookbook ‘A taste of life on Quadra Island’, showcasing some of the island’s delectables and tasty treats.

The book is the just the latest of culinary history on Quadra Island: A first book highlighting cuisine was published in 1981, a second edition coming a decade later.

The event was to be hosted by Jeanette Taylor. However, as she was under the weather, fellow contributor Heather Simpson took the reins.

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“The idea was brought about at the end of 2020,” Simpson said, adding that the proceeds of the book will go toward funding the Quadra Island Children’s Centre. “We all have a special place as a community for the Children’s Centre. It’s heartfelt that whatever money we can raise to the project, it’s used to help.”

A call went out to residents of the island to submit recipes, and a whopping 350 were selected for final testing. Over 81 cooks tested these which dwindled it down the a list of 140. Criteria for making the final cut was based on fresh, local made from scratch ingredients.

“The recipes were tested rigorously. One of the things that the book highlights are the local providers of seafood and shellfish.” Simpson said.

Two thousand copies were released late last year, with the second print having been released Saturday.

In addition, this book not only highlights recipes, but a taste of overall life on Quadra Island: There are stories of historic events, gardening, profiles of foodies, and tips featuring fermenting, canning and pickling.

“It really is a great cookbook in so many ways. It is not only a cookbook, but could also be a coffee table book in your house,” said Heather. “We really wanted to highlight the community.”

In addition, David McLean, local custom knife maker highlighted his ware, and there was a demonstration being handled at the front by volunteers Kathie Landry and Marcey Wolter, who showed the process in how to make effervescent water kefir.

“There is a lot of tidbits and the way the recipes connect with those.” Heather said.

“A Taste of Quadra Island” is available now at several outlets in Campbell River. They include Healthyway, Crabby Bob’s Seafood, Save on Foods, Coho Books as well as the Museum. You can also buy a copy from retailers in Quadra Island and Cortes Island, and the Laughing Oyster bookstore in Courtneay as well. You can also purchase at

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