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Quesnel boy uses birthday to donate pizzas to those in need

Boy turns nine, donates pizza to Seasons House
Nixen Baidwan celebrated his own birthday by donating pizza to the homeless at Seasons House. (Bindy Baidwan photo)

He was turning nine, but his birthday gesture was a perfect 10.

Quesnel boy Nixen Baidwan wanted to turn the tables on the usual birthday fanfare, and give some gifts instead of receive them.

He’ll take pizza over birthday cake any day of the year, and he knew that others liked pizza just as much, so he started saving his money. When his big day came, he gathered it all up and went over to Friends Pizza, his favourite ‘za joint, and made them a proposal.

He told them how much money he had, and that he wanted to put it all down on a shipment of pizzas to be delivered over to Seasons House, the city’s main homeless shelter. The staff at the pizza parlour readily agreed to discount their prices so even more of the hot yummy food could go to the city’s most hungry tummies. He gave Seasons House plenty of warning, too, so all the people in their circle of influence could get a slice from those chewy circles of generosity.

“Nixen dropped them off to Seasons House to the staff, who were absolutely grateful,” said Bindy Baidwan, proud parent. “He did see a few folks that reside there and they were overwhelmed by what he did. One lady specially told him that he has made a lot of people’s day today.”

Altogether, young philanthropist Nixen fed an estimated 40 people that day. It was a happy birthday indeed, but he was the one singing a merry tune, his heart as full as the stomachs at Seasons House.

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