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Old pug’s bewilderment after getting lost in its Vancouver Island home makes for viral video

Fashion and lifestyle content creator’s new TikTok followers want to see more of her 14-year-old dog
Keiko the 14-year-old pug gets himself unstuck from behind a couch. (Image courtesy Shelby Jack/@glambyshelby)

A social media content creator in Nanaimo is going to give the people more of what they want – videos of her forgetful old pug getting lost and stuck.

Shelby Jack recently had one of her TikTok videos go viral. The “pug mom” had been looking for her 14-year-old dog Keiko and knew he must be around somewhere, and happened to catch the moment when the pooch unstuck himself from behind the couch and wandered out with a bewildered expression.

“When I filmed it, I kind of knew: this is too good,” Jack said. “Overnight it had a couple million views and me and all my family and friends were laughing and it’s almost at 20 million now and it hasn’t stopped.”

Keiko was only expected to live to about eight years old. The dog has allergies and joint problems and has been diagnosed with dementia, but still has a good quality of life, Jack said.

“He’s happy. We’re home all the time with him. He’s good. The vet’s like, ‘he’s great, he’s just a little confused.’”

Jack has considered herself a content creator for more than five years, with a lifestyle and fashion focus.

“I feel like that can be really curated sometimes,” she said. “It was just so funny that such a genuine moment captured went so viral because it’s so real and so many people could relate. I have so many comments saying, ‘my 16-year-old dog does this,’ and ‘my 20-year-old dog does that.’”

The viral video – at 19.3 million views and 2.5 million likes at last count – has spiked her follower count on TikTok to 9,900. She said basically, those 10,000 followers are there for pug content, so she’s been uploading new videos every day since.

“I guess TikTok is for the dogs now,” she said.

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