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Moo-vin’ around: Island cattle on the lam after escaping twice

Owners searching after animals slipped out through since-repaired Errington fence
Social media posts, dated Jan. 24, 2022, by an Errington resident who had corralled two missing cattle after their first escape. (Facebook photo)

Why did the cows cross the road?

To get to the udder side. Or, at least in Errington, because they managed to escape not once but twice through a damaged fence.

According to Amber Edwards, the two 16-month-old beef cattle had first escaped on Monday, Jan. 24, from Bowlby Road after a fallen tree damaged fencing along the 13-acre property. On Monday night, the cattle were corralled and recovered by an area resident who contacted Edwards through social media. Before Edwards was aware of the damaged fence, which has since been mended, the cattle escaped a second time on Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 25).

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“We’ve been driving back and forth and found some fresh cow poop and tracks but they were gone again by the time we figured out where they went… and we don’t know where they’ve gone again,” said Leo, Edwards’s husband, adding the tracks were spotted along Shearme Road.

Leo described one of the cows as being completely black, and the other as light brown and white with horns.

Several area residents have notified Edwards the cattle were spotted near Gibbs Road, but usually long after the cows had left the area.

Edwards and Leo are offering a reward for information on the immediate whereabouts of their cattle, and can be reached at 250-618-2609.

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