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B.C. municipal councillor returns to job just weeks after donating kidney

Scott Harrison says recipient, Qualicum First Nation Chief Michael Recalma, faring well
Town of Qualicum Beach Coun. Scott Harrison, bottom right, is welcomed back by Mayor Brian Wiese and fellow councillors Teunis Westbroek and Anne Skipsey. (Facebook screen grab)

Qualicum Beach Coun. Scott Harrison is back at work just weeks after donating a kidney to Qualicum First Nation Chief Michael Recalma.

Harrison was welcomed back by Mayor Brian Wiese and fellow councillors during the regular board meeting on March 16. He informed them he is feeling much better.

“It’s a lot faster than I expected, honestly. I’m kind of surprised,” said Harrison. “Last I heard Michael is also doing well. So far, so good.”

Harrison provided some good news, saying he has heard some of the lingering health issues Recalma had have “basically disappeared.”

“So fingers crossed and knock on wood that everything goes well with him,” said Harrison. “He is going be in Vancouver for another month or so.”’

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Coun. Teunis Westbroek asked Harrison about the level of pain associated with the surgery.

“The day of the surgery, you have so many painkillers in you, you don’t notice anything,” Harrison said. “I am great, everthing is wonderful. And then the next day happens when all those powerful painkillers they gave you wear off. That was an awkward day. It was less pleasant. But no, it was quite minimal. It feels like you pulled something, like a muscle tear.”

Harrison said except for some bruising around the incision, he is fine and is no longer taking any painkillers.

“It’s a lot faster than people expected,” said Harrison. “It’s rare for someone in two weeks to not be taking any painkillers at all.”

Harrison expressed his sincere thanks to the medical team at St. Paul’s Hospital.

“They did a great job and I am very grateful,” said Harrison.

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