2021 is all about loving your bike in order to get it to last until new stock comes in. Metro Creative

2021 is all about loving your bike in order to get it to last until new stock comes in. Metro Creative

Your bike can outlast a pandemic…with a little love

By now you’re all aware of the “bike boom” that’s been happening since the pandemic started.

Just a couple months into 2021 and one thing is for sure, it isn’t slowing down! Demand for bikes has skyrocketed, suppliers are struggling to keep up, and manufacturers are facing difficult decisions about how to scale up with an uncertain future ahead.

For several months now at Pedal Your World (PYW) we’ve been having tough conversations with customers.

Just the other day a customer was searching for an entirely new drivetrain after learning hers was very worn.

Unfortunately, several of the parts needed won’t be available for months yet! The trick for her is going to be maintaining what she has until parts are available. That’s why our recently adopted motto at the shop is “2021 is all about loving your bike!”

So how can you “love” your bike to outlast a pandemic!?

Clean, clean, clean: a clean bike looks good, but most importantly, it will work better and last longer. When your chain isn’t full of grit and grime it moves smoothly and doesn’t wear out as fast. The same goes for the rest of your bike. Buy yourself some bike degreaser if your bike is really grimy or some standard bike cleaner for regular cleaning and get to work making your ride shine!

Lube it up: after a ride or after you clean, lube up your chain with some bike specific chain lube. Don’t just keep dumping loads of lube on a dirty chain either! A clean lubed chain as well as lubricated and free moving hinges on derailleurs and pivots on full suspension bikes is imperative to outlasting the pandemic.

Service your suspension: your suspension fork and your rear shock aren’t a set-it-and-forget piece of equipment. They need love too! While parts are scarce and the new bike you were hoping for is delayed, get your suspension serviced at the bike shop. It might be as simple as a clean and new oil, but it may also need new seals. Old and worn seals can wreak havoc on your expensive suspension so this is crucial to keeping your bike on the trails where it belongs and not at the bike hospital.

Storage: If you can, store your freshly cleaned and lubed bike in a dry warm place. Next best is a dry place like a garage. At the very least, cover your bike with a tarp to keep off the rain and dust. So many bikes get irreparably damaged just sitting outside.

Inflate: keep your tires inflated to appropriate levels for what you are riding. If you need help with this, come talk to us at the shop! A low tire will break down really fast and definitely won’t survive a pandemic.

So there it is, five tips to love your bike so you can ride right through a pandemic! Happy riding everyone!

– Article courtesy Pedal Your World