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The month of November is interesting for fishing locally

By Don Daniels
New trout arrive at Echo Lake greeted by local Campbell River anglers. Don Daniels photo

By Don Daniels

Already in the month of November, the weather window has closed for most anglers who would venture out and try for a winter spring in area 13 Discovery Passage.

There are a number of people who simply have packed away their fishing gear and the boat is in storage. There are more deer hunters out and about to whom the bad weather is not a deterrent.

I get a number of reports of angling activity around the Lighthouse, Green and Red Can, and simply put, reports say there’s little or no activity. Chums are closed and the last reports had good fishing around Browns Bay. Fish size was smaller this year, 6 to 12 pounds, but the action was good and lots of chum will be in the smoker.

Those getting out when the weather is good will go out a few hours, hook into a few undersized salmon – some will get into the cooler. Experienced anglers will, instead, go crabbing but those who are unfamiliar with this area may struggle to find the spot.

With the current rainfall, the rivers were in good shape, high and colored, and are very fishable but I saw very little action. Catch-and-release trout fishing can be done all year round and with the salmon run almost completed, egg pattern flies will be the norm. A good pair of waders will be needed to get across the various pools although knee high waders are not recommended.

The trout have arrived by truck from Duncan and the new arrivals were planted on Friday, Nov. 5. The trout are good size and if weather improves, a good time to fish Echo Lake will be this weekend. The day use area is a good spot to get the worms out and see if you can get a trout. Water level is up after the rains and if you can get a belly boat in close to shore, get down about 20 feet on your sinking line. Your daily limit is four trout per license.

For the people who are looking to spend some family time fishing, Echo Lake is a great spot. Picnic tables are there. Please take out any litter you bring in.

I have a list of people who have signed up for free fly tying sessions for beginners and they have been contacted and the small groups will have a chance to sit down and start learning the basics of getting started for a fun indoor activity. I have a few Friday sessions booked already at the Seniors Centre in the Ironwood Mall. Saturday or Sunday sessions are being worked on and location and dates will be announced here in the Fishing Corner.

Prior to COVID, groups varied in size, 20 to 25 people, but groups this year will be held to about 4 and all those who register will be contacted. Inquiries can be directed to me or text, call 250-895-1691.