Spare Shooters are the straight shooters in Campbell River seniors 10 pin

50+ Seniors, Thurs. a.m. 10 Pin

Spare Shooters lead the 1st quarter with 74 points.

Happy Wanderers had a high scratch game of 786, handicap 899.

Hopefuls had a high series handicap of 2590.

Cy Kim had a high scratch game of 235, Hogie McCrae a scratch series of 610.

Helena Courville had a high scratch game of 221, series 565. Shirley Focht had a high handicap series of 703.

Wednesday Night Ladies 10 Pin (Week 6)

One week to go for the quarter and Strike force is in the lead with 163 points.

TEAM high Scratch series went to Kalex Alleykatz (1962), high Scratch game Kalex Alleykatz (704), high Handicap series Strike Force (2562), high Handicap game CR Floors (933). Congratulations to Debbie Nuszdorfer who took everything (She will be awarded a 100 pins over average as well as High Scratch game (247), High Handicap game (306), High Scratch series (552) and High Handicap series (729) as well as Most Pins over Average (120). Canadian Tenpin Awards were earned by Sandy Finch (50 pins over average) and Mary K Jensen (500 Series).

Monday Night Men’s Tenpin – Week 7

With one week left in the first Quarter What’s on Digest is in the lead with 158 points, an 8.5 point lead over Storrie Creek Golfers.

Da Bears was the high team with 30 points for week 7.

DA Bears took both high scratch game and series with an 801 and 2303.

Storrie Creek Golfers had high hdcp gm with a 969 and DA bears high hdcp series with a 2771.

Ken Enns was high scratch single with a 220 and high hdcp game went to Dennis Webber with 279.

Gene Belanko was also high scratch series with a 634 and he also had high hdcp series with 739.

First Quarter is a tight race with only four points separating 1st and 4th position and two weeks to go.