Salmon Kings clean up royally

  • Jul. 21, 2016 12:00 p.m.

The Campbell River Salmon Kings summer swim club had 12 athletes attend the Oak Bay Orcas Invitational swim meet in Victoria last weekend with amazing results. Despite several delays due to timing system glitches and first aid issues, it was an exciting event.

The eight-lane Commonwealth pool is known to be fast and the 31 Best Times posted by Campbell River swimmers proved it. A six-year-old meet record was broken by Division 3 swimmer Kate-Lynn Revoy in the 50m Backstroke while the Division 5 girls 200m Medley Relay was dominated by Campbell River.

The team consisted of Jessica Revoy (backstroke), Emilie Diemer (breaststroke), Jocelyn Diemer (butterfly), and was anchored by Chloe Dobrinsky (freestyle) to place first.

Every other Salmon King swam to Best Times and placed top eight in at least one, and often several events. Even the two Novices swimmers, Mia Defert and Anna England, did extremely well in their 25m races and received goody bags and ribbons for the effort.


Div. 3 girls:

Ava Defert: 14th-100IM, 24th-50 Free, 18th-50 Back, 14th-50 Breast, 8th-100 Breast, 22nd-100 Free

Katie Revoy: 2nd-100 IM, 2nd-50 Free, 1st-50 Fly, 1st-50 Back, 1st-100 Back, 5th-50 Breast, 2nd-100 Free

Div. 4 girls:

Emilie Diemer: 9th-200 IM, 15th-50 Free, 12th-50 Fly, 10th-100 Back, 4th-50 Breast, 2nd-100 Breast, 13th-100 Free

Div. 5 girls:

Jocelyn Diemer: 5th-50 Free, 3rd-100 Fly, 4th- 50 Fly, 3rd-50 Back, 1st-50 Breast, 1st-100 Breast, 3rd-100 Free

Chloe Dobrinsky: 14th-50 Free, 12th-50 Back, 12th-50 Breast, 11th-100 Breast

Jessica Revoy: 3rd-200 IM, 7th-50 Free, 6th-50 Fly, 1st-50 Back,1st-100 Back, 7th-50 Breast, 5th-100 Free

“O” Cat 1 girls:

Charlize Langois: 4th-100IM, 6th-50 Free, 5th-50 Fly, 4th-50 Back, 5th-100 Free

Agustina Villarroel: 7th-50 Free, 5th-50 Back, 6th-100 Free

Maria Villarroel: 1st-50 Free, 1st-50 Fly, 2nd-50 Back, 1st-100 Back, 1st-100 Free

Div. 7 boys:

Kurtis Scriba: 3rd-50 Free, 2nd-100 Fly, 3rd- 50 Fly, 3rd-50 Back, 4th-50 Breast