Racing returns to Speedway May 2

After a very dry off-season, Saratoga Speedway returns for its 47th year of racing

After a very dry off-season, Saratoga Speedway returns for its 47th year of racing – the 34th year under owner and operator Paul Hargrave.

Last year brought a lot of new faces to the Speedway, along with the re-birth of the I.M.C.A Modified class and the continued growth of the Hornet car class.

Saratoga Speedway will open May 2 with the Crash to Pass cars, Hornet cars, Roadrunners, Bomber cars and the Figure 8’s all fighting for double points, which will all be topped off by yet another amazing firework show.

Last year saw the I.M.C.A Modified class rise from the ashes, growing from a mere five cars in 2013 to 16 cars in 2014.

With lots of local drivers switching over to the fast Modified class, be sure to check out their nine races on the season with upwards of 20 cars to grace the Speedway over the 2015 year. The Hornet division is once again looking to be one of great success. With a record amount of young talent taking the driving course over the off season, the class is once again looking to be a very fun competitive class, with lots of great young talent leading the way.

Among these classes will be our five local classes – The Bomber cars, Crash to Pass cars, Roadrunners, Motorcycles and Figure 8’s.

Also accompanying our local classes will be our out of town classes – The Dwarf cars, Old Time Modified Stock cars (which bodies range from 1929-1935), and the Wilroc Sprint cars. Many fan favourite events will be returning this season featuring two huge Monster Truck shows, on May 16 and 17, and August 1 and 2.

Two Crash to Pass boat races will also be featured this year on July 4 and August 15.

The Wilroc Sprint cars will rip it up four times at Saratoga this season. These cars are the fastest cars on the Island, averaging lap times of 14-15 seconds, with the track record being broken three times last year alone.

Drifting and Drag racing will also be back this year, with a total of five rounds scheduled over the 2015 season.

The fan favourite Canadian-American Demolition Derby will return this year with a twist; this year the challenge will be a one day show, with all the demolition action taking place in one night.

October 10 will cap off the year, with every local class on the card to fight for their respective championships, which will be capped off by another great firework show.

With a new season comes new changes. This year at the Speedway there will be free wi-fi offered to all fans and drivers to use under the Shaw On the Go Wifi network.

Some very fast debit machines have also been installed at all concessions this year, which will make for some very fast lines. The Speedway racing school will now be run year round with kids as young as 11 being able to take part, for information on the driving school visit

With all that said, the 2015 season is shaping up to be yet another great season with many new faces and plenty of great racing taking place in a family friendly atmosphere.