Campbell River’s Josef Dirom

Powerlifters a force to be reckoned with

What a year it has been for Teamdog and Special Olympics’ powerlifting in Campbell River.

What a year it has been for Teamdog and Special Olympics’ powerlifting in Campbell River.

With Mickie Hildebrandt joining last summer, the team that also includes Dave Devison, Tye Cranton and Callum Maclagan, has really come together. They workout four days a week at West Coast Muscle and Fitness and have competed in up to five tournaments since October, 2015.

Each tournament involves setting individual goals, developing a 12-week training plan and working hard to execute that plan so that they are able to create an opportunity to achieve a personal best during competition.

You cannot fake strong, you have to earn it and their determination has paid off with impressive results.

Devison is lifting like he did 10 years ago, benching over 105 kgs with a deadlift of 170 kgs.

For someone who has lifted for over 25 years, Devison continues to work hard, challenge himself and to support his teammates.

Hildebrandt has improved so much in his first year and is so confident in his lifts. At the recent CrossFit Taranis Open held in Victoria Aug. 7, he went nine for nine in his lifts and achieved two personal bests with a squat of 60 kgs, a bench press of 50 kgs and he equaled his best ever deadlift of 92.5 kgs.

Cranton brings his powerful positive attitude and continues to impress. He set a personal best in his squat at the Taranis Open with a squat of 62.5 kgs and followed that up with a bench of 75 kgs and a deadlift of 150 kgs. He raised his best ever totals to 637.5 lbs. when his three best lifts are added together.

Maclagan, who became the youngest Special Olympics lifter in Canada to bench press over 300 lbs. at the Fall Classic last October, has worked hard to maintain that level while improving his squat and deadlift. He also had a personal best during this month’s meet with a squat of 142.5 kgs and finished the meet with a three lift total of 465 kgs or over 1,000 lbs.

With the support of our community partners like Sarah MacDonald and Jeff Messinger of West Coast Muscle and Fitness, the sponsors and everyone who supports The Howie Meeker Special Olympics Golf Classic, Teamdog is able to train, travel and compete at an amazing high level and has become of the best powerlifting programs in Canada.

“I am so fortunate to be part of Special Olympics and to coach these amazing athletes,” says Coach George Maclagan. “It makes you feel like anything is possible when you get to spend time with these fine young men. Thank you to everyone who believes in us and the power of Special Olympics. Together we can change and challenge the world, one special moment at a time.”