Parents who ride without helmets are a bad influence

Before we get too far into this week’s version of my wandering thought process and random blabbering, let’s touch on a bit of history.

As you can imagine, coming up with a relevant and inspiring topic each week to entertain you can sometimes be a challenge.

Many times I have a random thought during a ride, or my kids do something silly that gets my creative juices flowing, but often times, it’s just another week of life and nothing pops into my head.

Many people have sent in suggestions, my daughter Rhyley has some “interesting” ideas for me, and Chenoa often has a topic she thinks I should touch on. But sadly, these ideas rarely get my brain working the right way to start any creative direction for me, and the ideas die before I type a single word.

Don’t quote me on these numbers, but I’m guessing that well over 20 times, when I’ve asked Chenoa if she has an idea, she says, “Write about parents who don’t wear helmets, they’re a bad influence on kids.”

I then roll my eyes and wonder how someone so creative can only have one idea in the last 10 years. (I clearly don’t have much to tease her about, so I hold onto this one tightly and every time she has an idea I don’t love, I just suggest another helmet conversation. Is that petty?)

So, last week I was driving to Swicked with Rhyley. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many families self-isolating on their bikes. If there is a silver lining to COVID-19, I would say it is the extra time we have to ride, relax, and hang out with our families.

After seeing more than 20 groups of riders, I couldn’t help but notice how may kids had helmets while their parents did not. My first thought was not how great an article I can write, or how I can persuade people to be safer while they ride, or even how parents can set better examples for their kids. My first thought was. “Oh s#!t, Chenoa is finally going to get her way and when I write this, I am going to witness the biggest eye roll in history.

So, despite me eating crow with this, it is a valid point.

We are going to such huge efforts to isolate, distance, and disinfect, that the entire world has changed how it lives and goes about life on a daily basis. The world’s finances are affected on a scale we can’t fathom, and we have so many unknowns going forward that the global stress level has hit an all-time high. Yet, when it comes to protecting our heads, setting a good example for our kids, or being generally safe on a bicycle, we throw caution to the wind and choose to be … lazy, careless, cheap – pick an excuse, they’re all lame.

We have one head each, and as far as I know, it’s pretty important in regards to staying alive and getting through another day.

So next time you want to jump on your bike and isolate, spend time with your kids, or just get out and enjoy a scenic spin, take a minute and strap a helmet on your head before you do it.

It would be somewhat ironic to survive a major pandemic, only to skull yourself falling off a bike while riding with your kids.