Jeremy Lenz and Paul Judson Stobbe outside left and right) receive the hefty contribution from Griegs Seafood staff

One of Campbell River’s longest, most established sports clubs finds a hero

The Campbell River Judo Club (CRJC), which has been a cornerstone of the Campbell River sports scene since 1966, has a new best friend in Grieg Seafoods.

The Campbell River Judo Club (CRJC), which has been a cornerstone of the  Campbell River sports scene since 1966, has a new best friend in Grieg Seafoods.

Grieg’s has contributed $10,000 to the Campbell River Judo Club’s building expansion project.

It became apparent several years ago, that the CRJC was out of space to accommodate all of the students and classes that were needing more mat space to workout properly. So an initiative was launched to increase the size of their building and double the mat/workout area.

Through a grassroots fundraising effort from instructors, students and committed parents, a total of $28,000 was raised. Under a provincial government grant program, this amount was promised to be matched by government gaming funds.

However, when government funding commitments were left unfulfilled, CRJC was left on the hook with a half-built, unfinished and unusable expansion that had  depleted all of their funds raised by volunteers simply to get it to the unfinished stage.

A couple of parents of kids involved at the CRJC presented the cause to Grieg Seafoods as a possible candidate for some sort of corporate sponsorship.

Grieg Seafoods stepped up to the plate, deciding that the Campbell River Judo Club was a worthwhile investment into the community’s youth and sports programming and committed the $10,000 towards the completion of the club’s unfinished building.

The executive of CRJC are ecstatic over the magnitude of this unexpected and most appreciated gift, which seemed to appear out of the blue.

The CRJC’s mission has always been to provide wholesome instruction in the discipline of the martial fighting art of judo but it goes far beyond that, says club president Paul Judson Stobbe.

“I grew up here in (Campbell River as a typical teenager, doing typical teenage things. Looking at life from the adult side of things, I can honestly say that being involved in the judo club at that age kept me from a whole life of trouble. The life lessons gained from judo go far beyond simply how to fight. The discipline and structure provide a building block for how to and how to not confront life as well as being an outlet of physical exertion that is unequaled in any other sport.”

Judo parent Monica Stewardson says of her son Quin’s involvement in the club, “Quin’s enjoyment of judo has been due in large part to his instructors, who are able to motivate the beginners by pushing them to work hard and learn the skills of the sport while at the same time maintaining a level of fun in the classes. There is a genuine family atmosphere at the club and we look forward to getting  to know more of the members. It has been great to see Quin’s confidence grow over the season, and the pride he feels when he achieves each milestone in his training.”

Another parent, Lorna Hallson says, “I am inspired by the judo club and this donation.

“In this challenging, changing global economy it is good to know that an international corporation such as Greig has this level of dedication to this community.

“Now, in times when deep financial cuts greatly impact the education, health and future of our kids, Grieg has stepped in. Grieg’s contribution means more space, and it means the talented volunteer instructors can focus more on the kids.”

Judo is a natural sport for kids – both boys and girls. Kids love to roll, tumble, play and wrestle.

Judo is all this and more. Judo adds structure and intelligence to play. CRJC is an inclusive club with good instruction in a safe and respectful environment.