Occupying kids is a thankless task

Going into our fourth week with no school, we are starting to feel the stress of keeping the little people engaged, occupied, and happy.

I can only imagine the stress that we are feeling as adults is just as hard on the kids, but they may not have the emotional skills to deal with it as well as us.

Speaking of dealing with stress, I have created a stressful life with a small business, developing the new Swicked property, raising two kids, and generally trying to be more ambitious than I should. You’d think I was an old pro at stress, and when it is self induced, I do OK most of the time. I even enjoy it some days, but when it’s out of my control I don’t deal well at all.

So, as a “mature adult,” if I can barely hang on through all this, how are little kids supposed to cope?

We’ve been home schooling and studying geography, doing crafts, and getting outside as much as possible, but with that all said, screen time is off the charts right now and we are losing the battle.

This weekend, while we were running out of options, Chenoa asked the kids to design some new Swicked T-shirts and water bottles. They both left the TV and got super creative. They drew, they coloured, and they created for a few hours.

Rhyley designed a new water bottle and Regan drew a guy jumping his bike over a smiling pig. It was awesome, and then Rhyley came up with an idea to share this with the community.

“Dad, lets have a Swicked art contest.”

So, looking for something to occupy your kids? Want to reduce screen time? Can’t do anymore beaver lodge laps on the bikes this week? Enter them in the contest.

Here’s how it works:

Have your kids draw, colour, or craft their favourite cycling scene for a chance to win some Swicked swag.

Follow Swicked on Instagram.

Post the picture on Instagram with #swicked

List your child’s first name and age.

We’ll choose two winners each Monday, One for 5 and under and one for 6-10 yrs old.

Are you a little over 10, or a “mature adult” and want to play too?

Enter the photo contest.

Same deal, follow us on Instagram, post a photo of you isolating with your bike.

Use #swicked, and maybe win some cool stuff on Mondays

Let’s hope this can keep the little kids, and big kids, occupied for just a bit longer.

Good luck.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ … Colouring.