James Durand

Keep it simple stupid

By James Durand

It seems like I’m losing my frickin’ mind lately.

Most of my friends are in the same boat, and I’m sure most of you are experiencing this as well.

We’re a year plus into CoOVID and with kids at home most of the time, no travel, and insanity at work, I’ve been proud of how stable I’ve kept it … until recently. The last two months that has gone out the window and I’m on edge all the time.

It doesn’t seem to matter what I do. Have a few beer to relax, or quit drinking completely. Read a mellow book and get a good sleep, or stay up late and catch up on work. Sleep in, or get up and hang out with my dog. It’s all for not. The stress levels keep rising and I’m getting closer to the edge.

For me the edge isn’t that bad. I’m just grumpy and don’t sleep well. I always pictured this part of my life as being relaxed and fun, but it’s not.

Over the last couple of weeks, we started our youth club again, we started doing a small group ride on Thursdays, and I’ve been doing short rides to run the dog a few times per week.

My increased riding was forced on me, but soon reminded me that this is one very important thing that brings balance and fun into my life. Suddenly I noticed my stress levels going down in every aspect of my crazy life.

With that, I planned a few extra rides. Life went on as normal despite me riding more, and I’m smiling a little more again.

We always talk about healthy lifestyles in regard to diet and fitness, but keeping a level head is probably the most important thing in these wild times. For me there is nothing better than ripping through some single track.

What ’s your favourite style of riding?

Go find out and I bet your blood pressure will go down significantly.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…

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