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Ha, Mother Nature got me again…she is tricky.

By James Durand

By James Durand

Typically we slowly fade out of summer and into fall.

As the temperatures gradually change we, as riders, gradually add layers to compensate.

We go from sunny weather to the odd rainy day, allowing us to find rain gear and winter wear on a ride-by-ride basis.

For me this is usually a smooth transition.

This year was a catastrophe. I was riding one day in 17 degree temps in mid October, relishing in the fact that we were getting payback for that crappy spring.

Then, literally the next day, the temperature dropped 11 degrees and I was scrambling to find a long sleeve jersey, thicker gloves, and my warm socks.

A week later it started raining and all of a sudden I had to tap into my memory and figure out where I left my rain jacket, riding pants, and waterproof riding boots.

As I’m sure your guessing right now, I was not very organized last spring and didn’t really plan for finding all this much needed equipment six months later, which has quickly arrived now.

So, I had a couple of pretty cold rides in my full summer gear before I got my act together and found my layers … Then once I found some layers to combat the colder rides, I had a few very wet rides until I finally figured out where I hid my rain gear and fenders last spring.

It turns out some stuff was in my garage, some in my closet, a few bits at work, I found my favourite rain jacket under the seat in my truck, and this one baffles me, I found my wind breaker in my tool box?

I’m not complaining, without a doubt, if I ever have the option for a summer that lasts into late October, I’ll take it hands down. But maybe next season change, I’ll come up with some sort of plan to keep my stuff in more obvious spots so if we do get a quick change again, I won’t miss a beat.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Tidin’…