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Fly-tying sessions finished. It’s time to go fishing!

By Don Daniels

By Don Daniels

To say the least, it has been an interesting two years when it comes to group gatherings and since we are still dealing with COVID, there are signs that recovery is slow but there will be some changes.

People are making decisions of where they will travel to, when it comes to taking a vacation and go fishing, camping or boating because of higher gas prices. The locals who salmon fish are getting out a few times a week, then charters will pick up when Chinook retention regulations change.

At the end of May, I met a couple from Seattle, Washington, who were staying in Parksville but wanted to visit Campbell River and scout out the fishing activity and a possible move here in a few years. They were looking for salmon to buy as they had little time to fish with a guide but they took home some prawns.

Campers who stay at Kelsey Bay are here now and will be here until mid-September to relax, fish or go boating.

A number of people have started to visit Discovery Pier and many will fish with a spinning rod and lures in hopes of catching a salmon. The concession hours will change but washroom facilities are available during opening hours. During the summer months, this is an easy place to go and watch and decide if pier fishing is your thing. When the salmon are running, the best time to get out is early morning and those who put in time get rewarded with a nice salmon.

A number of people did register at the library for upcoming fly-tying sessions for beginners and those people will be contacted with future dates, times and location. There were draws made for the book giveaways: winners were Sarah McGeachy, Jameson Sauer and Pat Johnstone. Winners can pick up their books at the library. We had a great response for the registration for fly-tying for beginners. The next sessions will be fun, educational and free to attend.

The last session at the library was kept small as we haven’t been at that location for over two years but we will be back at the library and the Seniors Centre. Since the beginning of November, I had seven fly-tying sessions and I get to learn from the people who really get into it and the fishing stories are plenty and, at times, amusing. Age is no matter; I have six-year-old kids who really catch on fast and at the same time, dad and grandma can give a helping hand. There are the ladies who have been at the sessions and I see the improvement in the fly patterns they make and they go fishing around Campbell River.

Meanwhile, low-elevation lakes are fishing pretty good, worms are working along with ant hatches. Higher lakes are still a little slow for insect hatches but things will warm up and getting your floating line out will be your go-to.