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Fly-tying at the Campbell River Library is a big hit

By Don Daniels
Fly-tying in the Campbell River Library Activity Room is well attended. Don Daniels photo

By Don Daniels

I first started tying up flies for trout fishing in the early 70s when I arrived in Kitimat from Saskatchewan to work at the radio station.

It was my first go at salmon and trout fishing and river access was easy because of a number of clos e-at-hand rivers. I could get out and fish for coho. Pinks were catch-and-release at that time.

I purchased a rod and reel and began buying lures such as a Kitimat 80 spoon. The rivers can eat up a number of lures on any given day so I decided to switch to a fly rod and make my own flies at much a lower cost than buying spoons. This was a time of no Internet or even cell phones and the local newspaper and radio station was the only source of fishing reports on what was happening in the area. I think the key was to get in contact with people who had boats and fished the Douglas Channel. Go out with them on weekends and really ask questions as to what was happening and make a diary of catch dates and what was being used for tackle. There were no downriggers or electronics to help you out in those days.

Here in Campbell River in 2013, I started doing weekly Fishing Corner articles while doing ad sales for the Mirror and it still is featured today every Wednesday. Last month I met Tony Pinder at Tyee Marine and he had mentioned that even after COVID-19, the Campbell River Fly-tyers meet at the C.R. Wildlife Clubhouse. Tony is a well-known Campbell River fly-tyer and is very talented when it comes to creating fly patterns for display or fishing them locally.

On Sunday, Jan. 29 I had close to 20 attend the fly-tying session for beginners at the Campbell River River Library activity room and three more sessions are coming up Feb. 26 March 26 and April 30 from 1 to 3 p.m. This is for beginners and materials and tools are provided free of charge for those who want to learn to set up equipment and get a firsthand approach to playing with materials and taking flies home to fish local rivers and lakes.

In addition to learning basic fly-tying techniques we have experienced fishing guides who are a wealth of knowledge to what is happening around Campbell River. New families who have moved here get to learn fly-tying and we have people of all ages come and have fun and see if this is for them at no cost.

A book giveaway is a popular feature of each session and books have been donated from various people here in Campbell River. Ernie Anderson and Ed Cargill give a helping hand each month and its two hours of getting together and learning from each other to enjoy fly fishing close to home.

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