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Enjoying indoor fishing activity during the cold weather

By Don Daniels
An assortment of old fly patterns ready to go. Don Daniels photo

By Don Daniels

During the winter months around Vancouver Island and Campbell River, fishing for salmon or trout for many is a non-activity event, but this is the time to get fishing tackle organized or clean house.

At the beginning of March we got the snow and many fellow anglers simply stayed home. A few of the locals spent time in Mexico and soon will return home to the snow. Just look around Campbell River you will see boats parked in the driveway with a for sale sign placed on the windshield.

A number of anglers will have boxes of fishing tackle stored in the basement or closet and they will pick out old gear such as rods and reels and other fishing gear that hasn’t been used in years. Some will have fishing gear that can outfit the army.

It’s a little early for garage sales around the city but you know the better weather is coming and the garage doors will be open for business. You might be surprised to learn that old fishing gear is in demand and a number of collectors will be placing prices on the fishing goods they have and hope to clean out bins and boxes of good gear. A number of guys have collected a number of fishing rods that are still in the original box and these are ready to go if you can find a treasure.

Because of poor driving conditions on Sunday, Feb. 26, I had to cancel fly-tying for beginners at the Vancouver Island Regional Library here in Campbell River, the next sessions will be March 26 and April 30 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the library. If you have an interest in learning the basics, please attend. A number of book draws will be made along with a few fly materials packages to be given away on the mentioned dates.

You will have an opportunity to sit down behind a vise, all materials are supplied free of charge and you will take home a number of fly patterns that will catch fish later in the year.

The stocking of catchable size trout locally has not been announced by the hatchery in Ladysmith but I am in touch with the staff to find out when the truck will arrive here in Campbell River. We need some warmer weather to get the trout moving around the lake and fish for some trout around 2 to 3 pounds in size. Local reports so far have said trout fishing was slow for those who fished from a boat in the past few weeks.

Local rivers are fishable and finding a good weather day is a key to get out and enjoy a few hours on the local rivers that include Campbell, Oyster and Quinsam . All trout are catch and release, hooks have to be barbless. This time of year hooking into a small trout wets your appetite for more fishing fun later in the year.