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Do any of us really know what we’re doing?

By James Durand

By James Durand

I can’t answer that for any of you obviously, but lately I’m second guessing a lot of things.

For years, 30 plus years that is, I’ve been on a path. I’ve planned a lot of things and tried to use mentors, my experiences, education, and as much advice as possible from those I respect and admire, mostly my Dad and a few old bosses. I feel it’s worked out OK so far.

This pertains to careers, sports, hobbies, family, future, investments, relaxing … Life and all its angles.

I used to be pretty easy going when I was younger and in many aspects I still can be. (Certain things I just don’t care about so it’s easy to roll with the punches)

What trail do you want to ride James? What kind of beer should we get James? Where do you want to go for your next riding holiday, this epic location or that epic location? The answer is typically the same: “Don’t care, it’s all good.”

But in other aspects, business, renovations, or the placement of the tools in my garage, for example, I want things how I want them, no exceptions. I plan and organize like it’s life or death, especially the garage.

With the last three years of COVID and now having to navigate the near future with who knows what coming down the pipe, I’m starting to wonder how smart I really am.

Do I actually have control over anything?

All the experiences, the knowledge, and the wisdom I’ve obtained in my 50+ years, seems to have given me nothing more than an ability to guess just a tiny bit better than a way younger version of myself.

And this might be questionable, too, when you see some of my decisions.

I talk to bike industry leaders and one says the next few years will be the best ever, but another says we’re in for a nasty recession. I don’t believe either of these, but who am I?

I talk to financiers and one says the mortgage rates are coming back down in spring, but another says I better lock in now or I’m doomed.

Seems like a lot of wild guesses no matter what “expert” I ask, and why so extreme, is there no more middle ground?

Are any of us really that smart after all, or are we just wingin’ it and hoping for the best?

I have to admit, my crystal ball is broken, like smashed and run over with a steam roller broken, maybe it always has been and I’ve just been lucky?

Either way, I have a great family, a fun job, and a few bikes to ride. I’ll count it as a win even if it was a big fluke.

Maybe we should start living life like we ride bikes. Just let it roll and enjoy the trails.

Bumpy or smooth, fast or slow, they’re all pretty awesome aren’t they?

And remember, riding completely out of control, oblivious to the final outcome, can be really fun.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…