Area athletes gear up for BC Summer Games

Campbell River area athletes on the Vancouver Island-Central Coast (6) team at the BC Summer Games in Cowichan.

Black Creek:

Akehurst, John – Athletics, Official.

Halbert, Connie – Athletics, Official.

Campbell River:

Barton, Faith – Athletics.

Chatterton, Anna – Athletics.

Christiansen-Barker, Diego – Athletics.

Dirom, Luke – Athletics.

Freeland, Mark – Athletics.

Mudie, Rod – Athletics; Official.

Perras, Trent – Athletics.

Sequeira, Vince – Athletics; Official.

Skuse, Tyza – Athletics.

Bell, Cameron – Baseball.

Hall, Carter – Baseball.

Smith, Dana – Golf.

Sweet, Kenny – Lacrosse-Box.

Borrie, Sam – Soccer-Boys.

Brennan, Menoa – Soccer-Boys.

Chow, Nolan – Soccer-Boys.

Greze-Kozuki, Thomas – Soccer-Boys.

Le, Victor – Soccer-Boys.

Lathangue, Kaya – Swimming.

MacDonald, Sarah – Swimming, Head Coach.

Montana, Martina – Swimming.

Wenger, Summer – Swimming.

Garlinski-Gonsky, Zoe – Towed Water Sports.

Jochimski, Tyler – Towed Water Sports.

van de Vlasakker, Stefan – Volleyball-Boys.

Brideau, Taya – Volleyball-Girls.

Cameron, Austin – Volleyball-Girls.

Ewing, Delaney – Volleyball-Girls.

Paige Davidson, Paige – Volleyball-Girls.

Assu, Scott – Wrestling Athlete.

Golobar, Quinn – Wrestling.

Jinda, Kaitlyn – Wrestling.

* Please note: These are the names listed from area communities on the BC Summer Games website. Other area athletes competing or training in other communities may not be here because they are registered as being from that community.