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Anglers sharing the rivers around Campbell River

By Don Daniels
Shore anglers going for pinks at the Sandy Pool in the Campbell River. Don Daniels photo

By Don Daniels

You might think that fishing is the only recreational activity on local rivers such as the Campbell, Oyster and Quinsam but other activities include snorkeling or drifting the river with an inflatable.

The hot weather will bring out the tubes ans people cool off and enjoy the water. Since I fly fish only on the mentioned rivers, it happens that people who float by are given the right of way and my line is brought in and I wait for them to pass by and continue fishing. If you are inclined to float the Campbell River, you can head to the parking area at the old John Hart generating station (now gone) then work your way down if you have the proper equipment.

Sandy Pool is a gathering spot for anglers targeting pinks on the fly or lure but it’s an area I stay away from. It’s simply too crowded for my liking. In the fly fishing-only area in the upper pools I have met local anglers as well as people fishing here from Smithers and other areas of the province.

For pinks, the fly pattern of choice is made of flash material for tail and wing and pink body; other color choices might be black or red if the pinks are picky. The pinks are spawning and will turn darker as we get into the month of September, the dark spawners are called gumboots by the locals. On the fly if you are getting no bites there are a couple things that come to mind, try adding a bead to your fly to get it down in front of the fish, keep leaders short and short rods will not give you the distance, get out there, give it a try and have some fun.

Local lakes can be a challenge for anglers when weather is hot but evening and early morning hours can be ideal to get out and watch the hatches.

A trip to Strathcona Park is in the works, a few lakes have been not fished by me this summer but I will report on the results. Another lake that will be targeted is just north of Roberts Lake.

If you are visiting Campbell River for the first time, you might want to check out the Tyee Pool and watch the boats heading out and trying to catch a Tyee, fishing with a lure or plug as they row around in the pool. Drive out to the spit and park and watch from the shoreline as eager anglers head to the pool for hours of old-fashioned fun.

On Aug. 12 Darla Hunt got her 34 pound 10 ounce Tyee; on Aug. 14 Paul Curtis got his 30 pound three ounce Tyee. The season ends Sept. 15.

In area 13, lots of Chinook salmon are being caught along with lings in certain spots.

The pinks are out there and many are getting their limit.

It’s fun to see buck-tailing is making a comeback but the riggers are getting the job done for the majority of anglers fishing the area.

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