Your budget input is needed

At least if you participate then you can complain later

Don’t complain if you don’t vote. That’s how the old saying goes.

But it can be adapted somewhat to the the city’s budget process. If you don’t try to provide some input, then you might be circumventing your right to complain too.

City council is currently in the throes of hashing out a budget for 2011. It’s not an easy process when you have not only a cranky electorate but also a declining revenue stream.

Sacrifices will be made and you have a right to provide input on the choices.

You can be cynical and say that city councillors are just going to do what they want anyway but that would be selling short a group of people who have dedicated a good part of their life for the betterment of their community.

So trust they’ll do the right thing and at least listen to reasonable proposals put forward reasonably. And that last part is important. So often what passes for debate these days is aggressive spite and not well-reasoned passion.

Your contributions will go farther if they’re well-thought-out and delivered civilly. This applies in public hearings and other public debates as well.

So, on Monday and Tuesday you have an opportunity to speak to council about budget priorities. Take that opportunity and then feel good about contributing to your community.

These are difficult days for Campbell River and good ideas are needed. Councillors aren’t they only ones with useful contributions to make – you can as well. The thing about ideas is that the more that are put out the better the final decision will be. You know you have a good idea, don’t keep it to yourself.

And, if you don’t provide input, don’t complain about the choices that were made without you.

– Campbell River Mirror