We need real, immediate action on the climate emergency: letter


Back in 2015, a newly-elected Justin Trudeau appeared at the UN climate negotiations and declared that “Canada is back.” Seven years later, it’s clear that this is not the case.

In those seven years since,we have witnessed a whole series of extreme climate events (remember last summer’s heat dome?). These weren’t just freak natural occurrences; they were the result of an overheated planet, caused mainly by our excessive greenhouse gas emissions.

We need our federal government to take real, immediate action on the climate emergency, or else our communities will continue to suffer.

One important step the Trudeau Government needs to take is to deliver on the long-promised Just Transition Act. If passed, this act would mean hastening the shift off fossil fuels. It would also mean providing training opportunities and jobs for the thousands of Canadians now working in the oil patch and related industries, so they could be gainfully employed in renewable energy initiatives, restoring our ecosystems, caring for our communities and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.

Let’s let our MP, Rachel Blaney, know that we support the swift passing of Just Transition legislation.

Murray Etty

Campbell River