We must continue to get rid of our own waste

Referring to your article indicating that CSWM may close depots.

In society, often the 80/20 rule applies. Eighty per cent of the people will follow the rules for recycling, and 20 per cent will not. This, then, puts the burden on all of us, on how to effectively, as well as economically, handle this big problem. The real and pressing problem is that a decision has to be made. We can’t wait. As we wait, our children are the recipients of the trash that is building up on our planet.

Council will need to make the right decisions, but there are people who are not aware that Island Return It in Campbelton, not only takes regular (blue box) recycling, but also plastic bags, outer wrap, foam packaging, glass, styrofoam, electronics, small appliances, power tools, paint, light bulbs, and car batteries. There is no personal gain for me in mentioning Island Return It.

I just wanted to share this info. We must; we must continue to get rid of our own waste, for our future generations.

June Grain, BScN