Use your driving privilege wisely and respectfully

I don’t know if any one else has noticed, but it seems that some drivers are not clear about the rules and regulations of operating vehicles on our streets and roadways.

I believe that some folks out there, would benefit from a refresher driving course.

What I’m talking about is, late turn signals or no signals at all. It’s real handy for other drivers around you that they understand what your intentions are.

Tailgating. If I can’t see your front licence plate in my rear view mirror, you’re too close.

Passing on a two lane street in town, one lane in each direction. Don’t pass on the right, the vehicle stopped in front of you, may be stopped for a pedestrian.

Turning left over the center line in the middle of the block to get a parking spot on the other side of the street. Not cool, you’re being lazy.

Four-way stop intersections. Some people are really struggling with this one. It’s not go when you feel like it, take your turn when you’re supposed to. Refer to your driver’s manual if your not sure.

Cell phones. Talking or texting on your phone while driving is never a good idea. Pull over to make or take a call, it’s safer for you and everyone else.

Lastly, dim those head lights, it’s blinding for oncoming traffic. Many newer vehicles come with very bright L.E.D. head lamps and leaving them on high beam is just not fair to oncoming drivers.

In short, have some consideration for fellow motorists, we’re all trying to get some place safely and in one piece.

Driving is a privilege not a right. Use your privilege wisely and have some respect for other motorists.

Bernie Puetz