Time to grow some common sense


Last Thursday as I was driving south on the Island Highway past the Oyster Bay Resort at Bennet’s Point, I read their street sign which said “Common sense is a flower that is not grown in everyone’s garden.”

How very relevant, I said to myself, because I had just read the announcement in the June 9 Campbell River Mirror that indicated “Sportsplex Recycling Depot Permanently Closing July 1!”

It occurred to me, “how then are people supposed to recycle their huge volumes of cardboard boxes, plastic packaging (eg. 1 gallon milk jugs, vitamin and medication containers), tin cans, paper products, metal objects, and other highly recyclable essential consumer items?” The Return it Center does not have the capacity to handle large volumes. It is already severely overloaded and does not even take most of such items. Also their capacity to take glass is miniscule. The remaining alternative is the garbage dump (or, for some, unlawful dumping in the bush or in road ditches).

Driving to the remote garbage dump wastes time and is environmentally highly unfriendly! Is recycling important or not?

Come on you intelligent professional administrators, please grow some flowers in your garden and show some needed common sense!

Uschi Hanelt

Campbell River

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