There are no jobs on a dead planet

In a Viewpoint article last month, (CV Record, Nov 19), Alistair Taylor laments the tailing off of letters to the editor, mentioning that Facebook provides for instant feedback.

SEE: Letters to the editor may be last bastion of freedom of speech

As one who does not use social media, but has written many letters to the paper, (some printed), I have a viewpoint but am increasingly reluctant to write; it feels like a waste of time.

My concern is with the environment and climate change. More than 97 per cent of climate related science attests to the reality of climate change. Aeroplanes fly, lung transplants happen, climate change is real. It’s not opinion, it’s science.

Yet letters and articles from climate deniers continue to feature prominently in our newspapers. Controversy is good for discussion editors say. But as we debate whether the boat is sinking, while water rises past our knees, we are not discussing the best course of action to remedy the problem.

In Campbell River recently, a presentation by Sierra Club, ‘Forests: A Climate for Change’, was canceled by city staff because ‘there were only five RCMP officers on duty that night.’ Was an enormous crowd expected? Or was there a threat of violence from those who would prefer not to discuss the emerging issues faced by forestry, or indeed any other industry, in the context of climate change.

Either way, when we close down discussion of the facts, we close down any hope of planning for the future. There are no jobs on a dead planet; but perhaps after all, we’re too stupid to deserve the planet.

Debate that and kill some more time.

Amanda Vaughan

Black Creek