The truth about masks is getting out

I cannot believe what I am reading!

For the government of any country to tell its citizens not to wear a face mask in light of a respiratory pandemic and that in doing so my increase their risk of catching the virus is absolutely ridiculous. If you don’t think that people can see through the lie, then you have bigger problems than lying.

It’s so obvious that this directive not to wear masks stems from the fact that there are not enough to go around and the fear is that citizens will buy up all the masks they can get their hands on, leaving less than ample amounts for medical staff. And by the way liars, if masks do not help control the spread of pathogens, then why do medical staff all wear them? Even if the pathogen can enter the body in other ways (eyes), covering up the other two entry points (nose and mouth) will increase your odds of not catching it by 66 per cent. Not too bad in my books. I’ll choose the mask over the lie any day.

Why people are waiting for governments to approve mask wearing or not, to start wearing them, is beyond me. It only makes sense. If you think it might help then do it. No one needs permission to wear a mask when they go outside or to the store or the airport. There is no law stating that people can’t wear masks.

Liars…please be honest and transparent. Let people know that there are not enough masks to go around. Civil, caring people will understand and will improvise with none surgical masks, like the ones you are now finally suggesting, because the truth is getting out.

It is unfortunate that you have waited months to start revealing the truth about masks. We will never know what may have been, if people started wearing them sooner.

Greg Scammell

Campbell River