Taxpayers deserve better

The yard waste totally ticks me off and everyone I talk to as well

I just feel compelled to get a couple things off my chest in which I feel the city is charging me more and giving me less.

The yard waste totally ticks me off and everyone I talk to as well. Not having any yard waste pickup from May 23 to September is totally absurd and as a taxpayer this is one service that I feel should be provided during that period even if it means a little extra taxes to provide the service. I personally strive to keep my yard and its surroundings neat and tidy and I end up with four garbage cans of grass and weeds weekly whether I like it or not. Most people would have something similar and most people have no truck or no trailer to haul this to the yard waste site. This lack of service is a huge takeaway and nothing the city does makes me more upset that losing this service.

What will it take to provide this service during the summer? Do we need a petition or a tax increase? Take a walk down many of the trails bordered by residential housing and there is yard waste scattered everywhere once the service is discontinued as witnessed last year. Seriously, how many households actually have a truck or trailer to haul their waste away? I would say maybe 25 per cent and that means 75 per cent of your taxpayers have no place to take this stuff and therefore no incentive to even cut their grass or pull their weeds.

Can you advise what can be done about this issue?

Also I was out at the yard waste site this morning and there was a 10 minute wait to get in and it was a gong show. Little old ladies packing yard waste in the trunks of their cars.

If it was raining it would be a complete mudhole in there as well.

I am extremely disappointed in this city to cause this much hardship to all homeowners who pay ridiculous taxes for so little service.

This city is all about taking away what we really need and on the other hand just taxing us to death, pardon the expression.

I am seriously making plans to move out of this beautiful city because of some of the moronic decisions I have witnessed in the last several years.

That being said that I totally feel for Mayor Jakeway who I believe has the right ideal but constantly has to butt heads with his seriously out of touch council members.

Joe Greif

Campbell River