James Durand

Seven days to go and sweet tooth is getting best of me

I’m still seven days away from Christmas and already my sweet tooth is getting the best of me, not to mention the extra beer consumption that comes along with the holiday celebrations.

You know how it goes. In November we promise ourselves not to eat all the crap this year and then before we know it, that one innocent cookie becomes two butter tarts, a few gingerbread men and a couple of glasses of egg nog…with rum!

Sure we’re having fun, visiting family and friends and enjoying everything about the holidays, so what’s a few extra pounds in the big picture. We can burn it off in January.

Then we untangle the Christmas lights, climb to the top of the ladder on a windy day and if we live through that, we have to figure out the stupidest tree stand ever invented! Your Christmas tree falls over three times while at the same time your kids are standing on your back trying to get the star on top. Now that your blood pressure has shot through the roof, and you’re considering adding a punching bag to your Christmas list, you can’t help but to chow down on a few more butter tarts and open a celebratory beer or two…And there’s a few more pounds added on. January is starting to look daunting!

As fun as Christmas can be, it is a pretty crazy time of the year.

So remember when you have a day of stressful shopping, a fearful afternoon hanging lights during a storm, or you’re trapped under an stubborn tree in your living room, rather than throwing the tree stand through the front window, or hunting for the shortbread, grab your bike and head out for a quick spin.

There is no better way to relax and burn off the junk food at the same time. The fresh air and a bit of blood flow will have you feeling excited about Christmas again and you’ll have a good head start on the January fat burning.


I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’…right after I eat this butter tart!