Schedules, schedules, schedules…

Spin My Ride with James Durand

Ilike to be spontaneous once in a while.

I like it when I wake up to sunshine with no plans and before I know what’s happening, I am pedalling away from my house.

I remember in my 30s when a friend would call and ask if I wanted to go and do … YEP I’M IN! I didn’t need to let him finish and didn’t care what is was. I had time and was keen to do anything fun.

So Chenoa and I are both doing some racing this year.  You may have read last week that I am signed up for the BC Bike Race and since then, Chenoa has signed up for the Tour de Victoria and she has penciled in a couple of other big rides for 2016. Lots of fun, but not so spontaneous.

While spur of the moment can be great and make life a bit more exciting, it is a little tough to maintain when running a bike shop, juggling two kids and trying to still actually be a couple, opposed to just parents. I think we need to do some planning if we are going to maintain our sanity this year.

So for the next nine months, we are scheduled to the max. On paper it looks horribly boring, and even as I write this, I find myself wishing I had less to do, but in reality, I am not willing to give anything up and if I have to be kind of boring to make the really fun and exciting parts possible, then so be it.

I guess I will live a bit of a boring life for a while, but when the FUN is scheduled I am going to make the most of it, long rides, technical trails and big smiles.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’ … as soon as the calendar says I can.


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