Sani-station needed

We have used the sani-station for years and have not smelled any odours

Re: Sani-Station on 17th Ave.

We are writing to ask Council to reconsider the closure of the 17th Ave. sani-station. Councillor Kerr stated “I think we’ve heard from the community and they want it shut down”. Council has not heard from the many RV owners in the community who want it to remain open.  We commend Coun. Storry as she was the lone opposition and realizes the need for a sani-station.

We have used the sani-station for years and have not smelled any odours when we have been there, however, it is obviously a problem for the residents who live near.  Christine O’Connor stated, “Every Sunday during the summer the traffic is backed up down the street and a constant rolling of RVs and buses continuously dump their refuse right in front of my home.”

That statement indicates there is a need for a sani-station.

There must be a solution to satisfy the RVs and buses in keeping a sani-station and also satisfy the residents who are experiencing problems with it.  The sani-station could be moved to the airport or to the Norm Wood sewage treatment centre.  Coun. Kerr said there are other options but can you imagine the constant RVs lined up on the highway at the Mohawk to use their facility, then when leaving, some RVs turning left, some turning right on the highway, what a nightmare that would be!

Then there is the facility at Quinsam Crossing which would be suitable but could they handle all the RVs and buses from residents and tourists, being the only suitable facility for many miles?  There is one at the Quinsam Campground but in order to use it you must be a camper there and it is closed through the winter.

We are a city who encourages tourists, what kind of a message are we giving tourists by closing our sani-station?

The idea of the city not having a sani-station is on par with the mistake made by closing the boat launch on the Tyee Spit without any notice.

The boat launch had been constructed  with volunteer labour from the Campbell River Fish and Wildlife and others.

The cost of fixing the problem of the sani-station would be outweighed by the significant value of having one.

Ed and Lois Jarvis

Campbell River