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Retaining ugliness

Retaining walls seem to be multiplying in Campbell River and this writer doesn't like it one bit

Returned home recently after a few days away in Victoria and was appalled to see yet another huge retaining wall being built on the corner of Alder and Cameleon streets.

This type of wall only benefits the homeowner who is constructing it and contributes to the uglification of Campbell River. The first wall was unbelievable – we couldn’t believe that it was a legal structure, and now it appears they are multiplying!

Where will this end? We feel very sorry for the neighbours who are forced to look at them every day.

We have had several groups of company recently and there was 100 per cent agreement that the first walls (they didn’t have the “pleasure” of seeing the current one being constructed ) adds nothing except to make the city look worse.

Let’s do something about the proliferation of this type of retaining wall by making bylaws that outlaw them. What is the rationale for allowing an individual homeowner to ruin the landscape to get a better building lot?

The lot is what it is and can be built on without resorting to drastic measures that negatively impact the senses of visitors, future residents and current residents of our wonderful city.

If you would like to get a full view of the walls, take the Alder exit off Dogwood and head south. Believe me, you can’t miss them.

If you think they should not be allowed let the mayor and council members know how you feel.

Yvonne Andre,

Campbell River