Penny wise and Tom foolish

Mr. Fletcher has always been so far right he is in danger of falling off

Let me start by saying I voted both for and then against Brian Mulroney and was dead set against Glen Clark so I am not dyed in the wool politically whereas Mr. Fletcher has always been so far right he is in danger of falling off.

The Sept. 20 Fletcher article borders on fiction at best. He calls Rich Coleman ‘Mr. Fix-It’ when Coleman has always been Mr. Change Ministries to avoid explaining his actions as in the Jordan River scandal where he gave Brookfield rezoning in exchange for a job for his brother Stan getting a WFP cushy job. Rich then changed to the housing ministry over the weekend and then said he could not speak on a ministry no longer his. Fletcher then goes on to call the making the public aware of planned rates hikes ‘leaks’ and ‘juvenile attacks’ by the union and the NDP. Since when is freedom of information ‘juvenile’?

When Don McInnes admitted IPPs were maxing out political contributions in 2008/09 Fletcher said corporations donating to political parties was common practice without noting that these people were doing it in exchange for decades long contracts the public would pay for. Fletcher then says IPP rates are comparable with Site C, an as yet to be built hydro dam. How can Tom compare rates with something that does not exist?

In the past Tom has justified the BC Liberals skimming of over $2 billion (with a B) out of BC Hydro as common practice profit taking but I suggest it was not profit but operating capital. Why would there be need for such drastic rate increases if BC Hydro were that profitable?

Tom Fletcher has a right to his opinion but not at the expense of the public’s money which this party is costing us at every turn. Tom Fletcher is to a journalist as Pennywise is to a clown!

Marlowe Giesbrecht

Campbell River