OUT ON A LIMB: Tin foil dictatorships and Wednesday quick hits

It didn’t take long for the conspiracy theorists to come out

Some middle of the week quick hits for you…

It didn’t take long for the conspiracy theorists to come out after the city announced Friday work would begin on replacing the watermain along the North Island Highway.

There’s more to this than meets the eye, one social media aficionado said. It isn’t enough that Island Cogen needed to hook up to the city’s water services. Eventually it will also hook up to its sewer system because it’s current service, provided by the Elk Falls pulp mill, is being dismantled. As in taken out, shipped away, never to be seen again.

He couldn’t see why the city would announce this now. Watch for something else to come along, he said. I guess Island Cogen’s $1.9 million contribution of private money to upgrade the line isn’t enough of a good deal for the city to pitch in a $600,000 contribution?

You just can’t do anything in this town without people giving themselves whiplash trying to dump all over it in any way they can.

Speaking of dumping, you’d have to think the mood at city hall must be pretty crappy these days what with our outspoken mayor trashing his employees. I just don’t see how bashing your workers is a good way to improve the way the city is run. Employees expect and are, frankly,  entitled to be treated with more respect than they used to be in the Dark Ages.

Meanwhile, smart meters are coming. Break out the aluminum foil hats. Hell, wrap me up in the stuff to protect me from microwaves piercing through my body from the smart meters…and the TV remotes, and the cellphones, the WiFi and the microwave ovens. Don’t forget the chemtrails and the spy satellites reading our thoughts!

And then there’s our good friend John Duncan, Member of Parliament and Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs.

John tried to convince us that the federal government has invested millions in making our waters safer for boaters. While that’s disputable for boaters, it’s completely unbelievable for our fish and other aquatic inhabitants who will suffer from an attack on fishery habitat protection that shocked four former Fisheries Ministers – two of whom are Conservatives. Tom Siddon and John Fraser were joined by Liberals Herb Dhaliwal and David Anderson decrying the Harper government’s plan to rip the teeth out of the federal Fisheries Act’s environmental protection.

When conservatives and liberals team up to speak out about the environment, you really have to worry.