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OUR VIEW: We’re more liveable than Vancouver

Campbell River doesn’t have the big city problems

Hey! If Vancouver is the most liveable city in the world as determined by The Economist magazine then that what does that make us?

We have everything Vancouver has – oceanside living, Mountain vistas, a great natural lifestyle – without the bad things about living in B.C.’s biggest city – traffic, smog, high crime rate, exorbitant real estate prices.

A ‘win’ by Vancouver in this ‘competition’ is a win for all of small town B.C. because we have what Vancouverites leave the big city for. So, that makes us better.


We’re friendlier than those big city folks. We’re more laid back. We can go fishing, skiing and golfing all in the same day. We got nice, affordable homes with great views and comfortable neighbourhoods.

Our most congested street is Dogwood and how bad is that really?

Seriously, that’s a marketing slogan we could use: “You think Vancouver’s nice? Come to Campbell River. We have everything Vancouver has and less.”

We can see it now: people disembarking from planes at Vancouver airport to make the connection over to the River. Where are you all going, Vancouver officials will ask? We’re going to Campbell River on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Vancouver would be green with envy.

Don’t get us wrong. We love Vancouver. It looks great just over there across the Strait of Georgia. But after a weekend visit to the Big Smoke, aren’t we all glad to get back to little old Campbell River?

So, that makes us better. Hmm, what will we wear to the award presentation.