OUR VIEW: Walk makes a statement

Walk Away From Racism serves notice that tolerance is important to us

Another year, another successful Walk Away From Racism on Saturday. This annual event serves as a reminder that racism exists and a community must be ever-vigilant against it. If the success of the Campbell River Multicultural and Immigrant Services Association event is any indication, this community is at least talking about the issue. No one is deluded into believing that racism doesn’t exist in Campbell River but if there are people in the community willing to stand up and say we’re against it, then we’re fast on the way to confronting it. The annual Walk Away From Racism proves that there are many in this community willing to take that stand. They’re saying racism is not acceptable in this community and they’re calling on all who live here to consider what they can do to eliminate racist attitudes.

You can think you’re a tolerant community but it only takes one disturbing incident to make you realize that there are some among you who don’t hold the same high values as you do. The Comox Valley learned that in 2009 when a racial confrontation was filmed and then broadcast far and wide over the Internet. It gave that community a significant black eye. How representative was that situation? Probably not very but, still, the impression it leaves is an ugly one. Those many people in that community who oppose racism are left feeling sick, knowing it doesn’t represent everybody.

So, it’s a good thing that Campbell Riverites take the time to make a statement in the annual Walk Away From Racism – the 15th – so that we can say – before an ugly incident happens – that we want this to be a tolerant community.

– Campbell River Mirror