OUR VIEW: ‘Tis the season to be jolly…but safe

We say: Don’t let safety slip your mind this holiday season

Every year there are public servants – police officers, firefighters, emergency medical responders – who return home to their families on Christmas Day to hug them a little tighter because they’ve been reminded, yet again, about the fragility of life.

That firefighter had to investigate the cause of the blaze that someone didn’t escape. Maybe it was a Christmas tree with old lights that shorted out.

That ambulance attendant and police officer dealt with another motor vehicle incident involving someone who thought they were okay to drive because they’d “only had a few.”

Be careful this holiday season, please.

Focus on what’s important – being with those you love and sharing the joy of being in their lives.

But first make sure you have taken care to mitigate the possible dangers that are inherent this time of year. Don’t plug too much into that extension cord or power bar. Make sure you’ve got rock salt (or other ice-melt) and sand at your disposal in case walkways around your home get slippery. Have phone numbers handy for local cab companies and possible designated drivers in your life.

If you’re on the road, watch for people out walking around admiring the beauty of the season or going in and out of shopping centres or celebrations. If you’re one of those people, wear bright-coloured clothing so those drivers can see you.

Buy a new screen for your fireplace, maybe.

The merriment of the season can quickly turn to tragedy when people’s focus isn’t where it should be – on each other.

Part of focusing on each other is making sure we’re all safe, so take some time to take care of your family and loved-ones’ safety so you can focus on just being with them.

Let’s give those public servants we all respect a nice holiday season, too, by giving them have a day off from tragedy.