OUR VIEW: Stay safe from the dangers of summer

Summer’s here. Time to relax, have fun, try new things, enjoy the sunshine, maybe a refreshing swim.

Sadly, accidental drownings and other tragic circumstances will occur no matter what precautions are taken. Stories are written about the victims and grieving families left behind. Some tragedies are thoroughly avoidable, however, and all remedies involve choice.

Like choosing to wear a life jacket, for example, when you’re waterskiing or out fishing in a boat. Not wearing chest waders near deep rapids. Not swimming by yourself, night-hiking in areas where there are cliffs, or driving like an idiot to get your favourite camping spot.

Choosing not to jump off high cliffs into pools the size of postage stamps. Choosing to keep a watchful eye on your children, instead of your cell phone. Not leaving people and pets in hot cars, and not leaving second-storey windows open lest your tot takes a tumble. When the midday sun is high in the sky, nothing slakes some people’s thirst like a frosty beer – just like TV commercials tell us, the ones showing young people, bottles and cans in hand, partying at the beach or the lake. For God’s sake, drink responsibly this summer.

The fact is, bad stuff happens and if you think your are impervious to danger, you are not.

So, please – be careful.

-Black Press