OUR VIEW: Stand back and watch them go

We say: Kids today seem to determined to improve the world

Kids these days! What to do with them?

Every generation has its gap as older people can never understand the mindset of the current crop of youths. What are we on now after Generation X and Y, is it Z?

Old folks always say, “Back when we were young” we were focused on cars, the opposite sex, having  a good time, rebellion, whatever.

Kids today seem so preoccupied with saving the world.

We have youngsters like Janine Annett walking the length of Vancouver Island to raise money and awareness of child poverty.

It’s not enough to just feel empathy for the downtrodden, today’s kids have to go out and do something about it.

The local highschools not only have an “International Co-op” class to work towards a project in the developing world and then actually go down there and do the work, but they also join together as a mix of students from both highschools.

Then there’s those kids that organized the Spread the Net challenge to combat malaria in Africa.

And if an international outlook isn’t enough, local students have to get involved in environmental projects  in the Campbell River area. And we know how popular raising money for the SPCA is, particularly with younger kids.

And every child on Vancouver Island has done something for or learned something about the plight of the Vancouver Island marmot.

Our youths certainly do seem to care about making a difference in this world.

And it’s more than just talk. They get out and do it.

Yes, kids today. What are we going to do with them?

Maybe we should just stand back and get out of their way?